S BLOCK will attend at the “London Financial Technology Week” cross-chain wallet

After ending of the three Asian conferences at the end of June 2019, S BLOCK released a positive market signal to millions of users. S BLOCK’s Asian victory in the first round which set off an interstellar boom in Asia, which accounts for half of the world’s population. This continually rolling heat wave will continue to be passed to Europe and Australia. Official confirmation will be unveiled at the two summits in July, the London Financial Technology Week on July 4 and the Australian APAC Blockchain Summit on July 22.

In addition to the strong conference announcement, small and medium-sized conferences in various communities have also blossomed in 32 countries around the world. The strength of S BLOCK is undoubted. So what is the advantage of S BLOCK? What kind of value does it vectorize the user-issued SBO? This article will analyze it from a more in-depth perspective.

Why does S BLOCK do a cross-chain wallet instead of an integrated wallet? How is it implemented and in what stages?

Cross-chain wallet combines the advantages of low handling fee, fast transfer efficiency, safe use environment and unified writing of smart contracts in the case of cross-chain asset inter-operable. Once the digital assets are cross-chained, S BLOCK can grasp the coinage rights through ecological support. Why do digital currencies have to realize the coinage rights, and we will explain them in detail later in the SBO distribution method. Let’s first understand what cross-chain wallets solve which we can’t see.

First of all, cross-chain can solve the vicious competition pain points caused by the non-inter-operability of digital assets, so that the ecology can be established more quickly. At present, in addition to BTC, the mainstream tokens on the market are grabbing consensus, because for the founders of tokens, the competition with other tokens is often the state of death. Whether it is BCH’s Wu Jihan and Auburn Cong tore up a forked currency BSV, or Sun Yuchen of ETH’s V-wave field, you ridicule me and love each other. These tokens must be acquired by gaining more consensus and quantitative changes, eventually reaching the quality of the entry level, thus preempting the ecology. There is no second child on the Internet, and the strong ones are all-in-one. Whoever can become an importer can provide almost all services and obtain the most profit. This is the characteristic of the business ecology. Tencent is the case. Ecology is the ultimate performance of business profit. And S BLOCK, through the cross-chain technology, unites the tokens, and can jump out of the competitive format and create value from a higher dimension. By taking away the disambiguation between tokens, you can circumvent your competition and become a more convenient entrance, so that people can enjoy the convenience brought by blockchain technology earlier. For example, you can store almost all major digital currencies in S BLOCK. And you can add value to your savings.

Secondly, through cross-chain technology, S BLOCK can create a larger Dapp platform. If compatibility issues can be solved well, then StarCraft is not just for current quantification and lending. The programming language of StarCraft is It can support all Dapp access, and using Dapp on the S BLOCK platform in the future is as simple as using a small program on WeChat. The ecology on the line can be quickly accessed.

Finally, let’s talk about why S BLOCK can achieve a huge ecology. What is the basic value and added value of its eco-token SBO? “SBO is based on the user’s daily quantified revenue of 00:00 snapshots to settle US dollar income”. This statement fully shows that SBO is the opportunity to quantify the proceeds for distribution, that is, the value of SBO is tied to interstellar quantitative income. Is such an audience not like the release characteristics of stable currency? In the knowledge of currency banking, the French currency is first issued based on valuable assets such as gold. When someone sells the legal currency, it will not cause a sharp fall in value through the repurchase of valuable assets such as gold. Thereby achieving the stability of the French currency price. The SBO is issued on the basis of the size of the digital currency involved in the quantitative transaction. The circulation is very low compared to the reserve. Therefore, SBO is not only stable but also very resistant to decline. The value of SBO will rise steadily with a constant total amount of issuance, increase in the number of participants and the amount of funds involved in quantification. With this premise, more business forms are willing to hold. SBO, so a complete ecology is established. SBO integrates the value of mainstream digital assets through cross-chain wallets, and distributes them according to quantitative revenues, and finally consolidates the coinage rights through ecology. Once the coin is acquired, SBO can become a base currency for lending. It can be a safe-haven asset like the US dollar, the Japanese yen and the euro. By issuing credit products such as S Card, the greater financial value is spread to the production of social goods. Once the grand ecology of S BLOCK is realized, it will bring disruptive results to the digital currency industry.